Scott DeYoung 
LA Dodgers

Matt Clancy 
Seattle Mariners

Shooter Hunt 
Minnesota Twins

Kevin Herget 
St. Louis Caridinals

Johnny DiGiaranomo  
Baltimore Orioles

Tom Lestella  
Atlanta Braves

Anthony Gomez  
Tampa Bay Rays

Rob Kaminsky 
St Louis Cardinals

Matt Tomczyk 
Signed with the Newark Bears

Steve Fox 
Signed by The Boston Red

Eric Pfisterer 
Drafted by the Cincinnati Reds

Ryan Arcadia 
Signed with Joliette Jackhammers of the Northern Minor Leagues

Ryan Flannery 
Signed by New York Yankees

Trevor Reckling 
Signed by the Anaheim Angels. Gold Medalist- Team USA

Ryan Loban 
Signed by the Sussex Skyhawks of the Northeast League

Steve Spitaleri 
Signed by the New Haven County Cutters of the Can Am Minor League

Jaren Mathews 
Drafted by the Boston Red Sox

Mike Bionde 
Drafted by the KC Royals

Jimmy Principe 
Drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks

Gabe Torres 
Drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals

Tom Hill 
Drafted by the KC Royals

John O'Reilly 
Signed with the Brewers

Kris Totten:
Signed with the Mariners

Mike Bassett
Singed with the Reds

Dan Bobulis
Signed with the Rangers

Keith Stamler
Signed with Texas

Jim Burt Jr.
signed with the Mets

Dan Gilligan
Signed with the Northern Minor Leagues 

Rob Debrino
Signed with the Twins 

Jack Lipari
Signed by the Northern Minor Leagues 

Mike Just
Signed with the Frontier Minor Leagues 

Zack Smithlin
Singed with the Cardinals 

Ryan Balf
Signed with the Tigers

Mike Pagana
Signed with the Northern Leagues 

Paul Ottovina
Signed with the Expos

Jerry Connal
Signed with the Cubs 

Ed Mitchel
Signed Indy Minor Leagues

Bob Sprague
Drafted by the Cubs

Marquis Liverpool
Signed with the Mariners 

Tony Giarrantano
Signed with the Tigers

Dellin Betances
Signed with the Yankees

Nick Doscher
Signed with the Royals


Vinny Mazzaro
Currently playing for the Oakland A's Major League Club

Dan Gilligan
The first full time employee of Proplayers has worked at for proplayers since 1990.

Kris Totten
First full time pitching instructor. Has worked since 2001.

Omar Minia 
Currently the GM for the NY Mets. Worked in the early 1990's 

Frank Brooks
After working as a pitching instructor, he pitched in the Major Leagues for the Pirates. 

Mike Micucci
currently the Hitting Instructor with the Cubs organization. Worked in from 1998-2004

Paco Martin
Currently the Infield Instructor with the Brewers organization. Worked 2001-2003 

Benny Distafano
Former and last Major League Left handed catcher.

TJ Mathews
After working as an instructor in the early 1990's TJ played up in the MLB for several years.

Lawrence Gilligan
Head instructor from 1994-2003 

Mike DeFelice
After working as an instructor in the early 90's, Mike has played in 
Major Leagues since the mid 90's.

Ed Ford
Legendary NJ scout who worked at Proplayers in the mid 1990's

Joe Gilligan Sr.
Owned and operated the first camp from 1988-1993


Matt Smith
After working at Proplayers as a helper from 1995-1997 turned pro with the Newark Bears.

Derek Hurley
After working at Proplayers from 1995-1997 Derek turned pro with the Pirates organization.

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